About Ebony and Ivory

We are a multicultural salon striving for excellence - an all encompassing salon with the ability to serve the hair care needs of all people.

Vision and Mission

Hair By Ebony and Ivory Ltd. Salon's vision is to provide efficient, modern, and consistent level of service within a stylish, comfortable and upscale salon environment. Ebony and Ivory wants to supply the community with a retail center, and a location to hold various community events, serving both men and women within its salons.

To elevate the level of service both given to and expected by our clientele - providing a one stop shop for all of your hair needs.


Hair By Ebony and Ivory Ltd. is one of Edmonton's oldest established hair salons and barbershop. From its humble foundations 35 years ago, to today's new owner and management team, the desire is that each Ebony and Ivory client will be treated very well with a quality of service experience that is second to none.