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Home maintenance is the foundation of healthy hair. Your professional products combined with regular salon visit with your stylist are designed to improve the look and feel of hair, making it soft manageable and full of body. Healthy, beautiful hair begins in the salon and carries over into the home - with proper maintenance, there is no end to beautiful hair.

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A total conditioning system designed for all hair types - including yours. This collection offers professional products developed from the most effective active ingredients available. Designs Essentials hair care solution are formulated with the natural ingredients such as ginseng, rosemary, African shea butter, and other organic element to reveal your hairs natural beauty. Our products work in harmony to cleanse condition, nourish and restore your hair, resulting in vigorous, Lustrous beauty.


Moroccan Oil is a revolutionary line of styling, finishing and conditioning products that guarantees extraordinary results after just one application. Argan oil is the signature ingredient in every Moroccan oil product. Argan oil is a remarkable gift from nature found only in Southwest Morocco. Argan oil is a powerful antioxidant, UV protector and free radical neutralizer, rich in vitamins that strengthen hair and increase hair elasticity.


Finally, a curl-defining system for "us". Whether you're black, white, Asian, Latin, Mediterranean, or any glorious combination of the above, you'll love the way these non-sticky, lightweight products leave your hair inviting to touch as they define and lock moisture into every curl. Be a proud part of our multiracial movement..."MIXED CHICKS" your curls! And yes, it works on weaves.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil: For over 5,000 years Olive Oil proclaimed "Liquid gold" has been used as a healing elixir, restoring "new life" to anything it touched. With consistent use, olive oil has historically been known to improve elasticity and hydration in hair.

JOICO Products

Min New York Shaving Products

Min New York [registered] post shave treatment, the solution to redness, bumps, ingrown hair and skin irritation after shaving, waxing or laser removal.

SofStyle Hair Products

SofStyle Premium Remi human hair - 100% hand picked.

Goddess Hair Products

Goddess Remi 100% human hair "look and feel like a Goddess" with the world's human hair from Sensationnel!

Bohyme Hair Products

Bohyme was the first 100% Remi human hair. Bohyme begins with selecting the best raw, healthy materials. Each strand is picked strand by strand to ensure the cuticle layers are aligned in the same direction to minimize tangling and shedding so every Bohyme hair piece has superior quality, longevity and luster.

Premium Now Hair Products

Premium Now Sensationnel - Premium quality 100% human hair

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