5 Cool Silver Blue Hair Ideas For You To Try!

Are you still thinking about what hair color you want to try? You don’t need to worry. I got you covered because this might be just what you need! I will be introducing you to the color that not only looks cool but feels calm amidst the summer heat—and it is none other than Silver Blue Hair. Be it short, long, light, or dark, this blend of colors goes well in different styles.

So, now that I’ve said all that, let me show you some ways and ideas to recreate this! And, as you continue reading, I’ll tell you what exactly you need to do to achieve a well-rounded look.

Long straight blue hair

5 Cool Silver Blue Hair Ideas For You To Try!
Photo from @hotforbeauty

With the standard straight hair, you can accomplish this metallic-like silver blue hair with the roots maintained to their natural color to give off that edgy and fantastic look.

The picture shows how beautifully blended the colors are and how the roots are kept to add that little bedazzle and uniqueness. So, if you think you’d look good with this hairstyle, don’t hesitate and jump into your local parlor now.

Silver blue ombre

5 Cool Silver Blue Hair Ideas For You To Try!
Photo from @sunglimhair

You can definitely pull off this wavy silver blue ombré hairstyle for my fellow women with shoulder-length hair!

Since this is an ombré, there are different colors present in style. Here, the top portion is blue and is more prominent and shining, while the ends have transcended into this silver to white color. In an ombré, you can add even more colors to make it pop. You can even interchange the order and put the silver at the top portion of your hair while the tips are blue. In the end, the only thing that matters is that you’ll look good with the outcome.

Short hair and blue hair

5 Cool Silver Blue Hair Ideas For You To Try!
Photo from @emily_hair_nyc

This style just proves that hair length certainly does not limit one to try this color out. So, if you prefer having short hair and if you’re wondering if silver blue hair is possible to achieve, this is your sign that it sure is!

In this particular haircut, the sides are tapered shortly, and you could add in your own mix— if you want it shaved, faded, or longer, you could do so. Anyway, the top portion is the main event. It is the longer part of the hair, and it is colored blue, leaving the sides silver. Lastly, you can achieve this look even if you have straight, wavy, or curly hair.

Rainbow blue hair color

5 Cool Silver Blue Hair Ideas For You To Try!
Photo from @supvalerie

For you to get that silver-blue hair, there are close to no limits. You can use any shade of color, and this style is one of the many examples.

The blue in this hairstyle is much lighter, giving off that soft and pastel look. Plus, the silver strands of hair are added as highlights to complete the look.

This works best for those with a pale complexion, and you can also use this color on whatever hair length you’re currently sporting— let it be a boy cut or a shoulder-length bob. Nonetheless, let’s admit that the color really is something bright and beautiful.

Dark blue obmre

5 Cool Silver Blue Hair Ideas For You To Try!
Photo from @kimwasabi

In contrast to the previous hairstyle, this one has a much darker shade of blue. Plus, at the tips of the long hair, the silver is there to put the look together.

You can leave your hair straight for this one. But, if you’re used to curling your hair, you don’t have to get rid of that from your daily routine and use it on this one. With this hairstyle, you could look darker and mysterious thanks to the darker shade of blue that compliments the whole aura and look.

Now that I’ve shown the list of my top five ideas for silver blue hair, let’s talk about how to achieve this look from your natural hair color. But, of course, you can always go to your favorite parlor, but if you’re an independent individual and you think you can take this challenge, then here I can help you with that too.

How To Do The Silver Blue Hair?

I’ve mentioned earlier are just basic ideas you can follow or draw inspiration for your next hair color. It can vary from how gray or blue you want the tone to be or how the transition from one color to another. You can even braid or try other hairstyles to make yours unique. Exploring how you can creatively color and style your hair is a great way to share with the rest of the world what style you discovered.

5 Cool Silver Blue Hair Ideas For You To Try!
Photo from @vikachekahair

The silver-blue is simply a color combination— There are still various ways you can use it to accompany an ombré or highlights. And, if you choose an ombré, I have eight simple steps here for you to follow.

Decide which color you want on the upper half. Do you want to start with the silver? or the blue? Save that idea for later because before adding the dye, you must do the next step.

5 Cool Silver Blue Hair Ideas For You To Try!
Photo from @vallerihair
  • Step One: The idea of an ombré is simple. You have two colors, and you can use one for the upper half of your hair and the other for your tips. So, in this case, since we’re talking about silver blue, let’s work with these colors.
  • Step Two: Before adding the dye to your hair, it is ideal for bleaching your hair first to achieve a stunning color. So, to mix the bleach, make sure that the peroxide is not higher than 6%. Afterwhich, start adding a generous amount of bleach at the upper portion of your hair, or up to where you want the first half of the ombré to end. Then, wait for around 15 minutes before proceeding to the next step.
  • Step Three: For the next step, you must continue using the same bleach. But this time, you must use a developer with 3% peroxide. Mix it well before adding the solution to the lower half of your hair. Then, wait for around 15 minutes again.
  • Step Four: Make sure you shampoo and condition your hair after the bleach has dried to rejuvenate your hair and make it softer.
  • Step Five: This step is where the dyeing happens. Start sectioning your hair and begin using the dye of the color you choose for your sectioned hair. And remember, since this is an ombré, you must always start with the lighter shade of color. And in this case, the silver.

Use the silver dye formula and spread it thoroughly through every strand to make sure you have a promising result.

  • Step Six: After adding the silver dye, you can continue with the blue color on the other half of the hair. Just remember to spread the shade evenly. Then, wait for around 40 minutes for both colors to dry.
  • Step Seven: When the processing time is over, you can now rinse off the residue dyes and conditioner your hair while you’re at it to give your hair more life since bleaching and dyeing can be a little bit too harsh for your hair.
  • Step Eight: Lastly, you can now blow dry your hair and even curl it if you want to complement the ombré style!

So, now that I’ve given you these eight steps on how to achieve the Silver Blue Ombré hair, I hope to see you out there rocking out this look. Also, I’d like to thank you for reading if you’ve reached this far.

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