7 ideas for birthday hairstyles

The birthday hairstyle is an important part of a person’s look on their special day. It can set the tone for your entire party, and it’s also a fun way to experiment with different styles even if you don’t normally do so. But what about those of us who are no experts in hair styling? We might not know how to make our hair look as good as we want it to! This article will give you 7 helpful tips for making your birthday hair look awesome!

French braid – this is a classic hairstyle that never goes out of style

Classic French braid – your first choice for a birthday hairstyle. A french braid is made from three strands of hair that are twisted together to form the shape of a “braid” on one side, and then braided into your head until it reaches the other side.

7 ideas for birthday hairstyles
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Twisted bun – the perfect hair accessory to complement any outfit

The twisted bun is a cute and easy hairstyle for any occasion. The best thing about this style is that it will take you only minutes

7 ideas for birthday hairstyles
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Braided ponytail – for those days when you want your hair up but don’t have time to style it

Now braided ponytail. If you have no time, but want your hair up, then the braided ponytail is perfect. It’s a simple braid that you wrap around to make into a bun on top of your head Top knot – for when you want to have an updo but don’t know how to do one yourself. This style will last all day and night long.

7 ideas for birthday hairstyles
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Side braid with headband or ribbon – this is a pretty, feminine way to keep your locks out of your face

Side braid with headband or ribbon . Braiding your hair to the side and adding a headband or ribbon is perfect for spring. This hairstyle will keep your hair out of your face but still looks put together

7 ideas for birthday hairstyles
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Curly side braid with flowers – add some girly flair to an otherwise plain look

If it’s a warm time of year , try slipping a few fresh flowers into your side braid to add some girly flair. It will give you an extra pop of life and beauty, which is perfect for celebrating any day! The second way to get this festive look is by adding small braids or twists on either side of the main braid that are then twisted together.

7 ideas for birthday hairstyles
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Dutch braids – if you’re in need of something more formal, this hairstyle will do the trick!

Dutch braids are traditionally a two-strand plait that starts on the side of your head with hair coming from behind one ear. The other end is pulled through and looped around the first strand, then crossed over it to form another loop.

7 ideas for birthday hairstyles
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Go for an updo – this is perfect if you have long hair or want to put it up on special occasions like weddings and proms

Updo hairstyle is perfect for long-haired girls. There are three ways to do this hairstyle:

– French Twist – gather hair on top of the head and twist it into a messy bun, securing with bobby pins.

– Half Updo – tie some strands in your hair at the back of your head or side for a low bun look.

– Curl Bun, if you have a long curly hair.

7 ideas for birthday hairstyles
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