Blue green hair – crazy colors for a cool mood

What is the meaning of life? This question has been asked for centuries and will continue to be asked until we find a definitive answer. However, we do know that in history, people have used color as a way to express themselves and their values. An example of this is the use of blue-green hair by some people in modern society. They can help create an unforgettable look with beautiful colors in their hair that can definitely shock everyone around them.

Incredible blue green hair color

Incredible blue green hair color
Photo from @rjdluxhair

People who want to use blue-green hair color can easily get it from a professional. Before you can apply this shade, you have to go through the process of bleaching your hair. This is because natural hair color is usually very dark, so people have to spend some time on bleaching if they want a vibrant effect.

After the coloring process, unbelievable shades of green and blue will mix on your hair. They look incredibly good, so you can definitely be the number 1 star.

Fashionable blue green hair ideas

Blue green – the shaved back of the head and the ponytail

Blue green - the shaved back of the head and the ponytail
Photo from @estilo_salon

Blue green coloring will look great on any hair length. The longer the hair, the easier it will be to create interesting styles. In our case it is a classic high ponytail, but with an additional shave at the back of the head. Stylish, catchy and bold!

Blue green – frequency coloring technique + curls

Blue green - frequency coloring technique + curls
Photo from @mermaid.on.sea

In our case, blue-green looks best on medium hair. It goes great with frequent coloring techniques and paired with curly curls. Overall, it’s a very trendy combination that looks amazing!

Blue green – mixing colors

Blue green - mixing colors
Photo from @madibellehair

If you have long or medium hair, that doesn’t mean you can only color your hair in classic colors. In our case, the model has curly hair, and for that reason she uses an interesting color mix in her strands! This coloring mixes two colors at once, blue and green. The mix of colors will look very nice on thick hair

Blue green – ideas for short hair

Blue green - ideas for short hair
Photo from @miamihairmel

Short hair is not left out either. Although you can’t use the frequency technique, you can color them another way to create some interesting styles. Short hair, with a bob haircut will be able to give a very fashionable look after coloring. Here it is easy to choose the classic blue and green, but it is also possible to use one or a couple of other colors. In this case, the coloring will look even brighter and more interesting.

Blue green – concealed coloring

Blue green - concealed coloring
Photo from @mondriansalon

If you have a job that requires you to be presentable, but you want to dye your hair blue-green, there is a perfect way out – it’s concealed coloring. It only affects the bottom layer of your hair, which is covered by the top layer. Therefore, you will be able to hide the coloring where all you have to do is let your hair down. If you want to show it off, then gather your hair in a ponytail.

Blue green – highlighting bangs

Blue green - highlighting bangs
Photo from @_off_with_her_hair

If you have already dyed your hair blue, the next step to create a very stylish look is to highlight your bangs in green. The technique gives a unique color harmony that any woman will love.

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