Fish bone braids

Have you ever wanted a quick and easy way to style your hair when you’re in a rush? Well, the fish bone braid is your answer. The fish bone is also always a go-to option for a simple, stylish, yet intricate-looking option for everyday hair styling. You don’t need to be a veteran hairstylist to be able to pull this look off.

Although it may seem unpopular compared to the more standard braids, you’d be surprised by the amount of exposure it had on magazines and major catwalks. This showstopping hairstyle is one that looks stunning as it weaves around the scalp and adds volume to otherwise thin hair. What’s more, is the fact that it’s not that hard to do. There are many hairstyles that go along with this gorgeous braid, as you will see later on.

Actually, a lot of people have been wondering what makes this type of braid so simple yet look so difficult to do. I’ll be going over this dilemma and helping you out with any confusion you might have about this gorgeous hairstyle.

Fish bone braid Ideas

Mother of all fish bones: the cornrow fish bone which is the most popular one! For the cornrow type braid, the braid is usually done tight and close to the scalp. This creates illusions of patterns and shapes that look absolutely magical.

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But there are many other ways to style a fish bone braid, especially with thicker, more voluminous hair. But that isn’t to say that our thin-haired sisters and brothers are completely excluded. The main advantage of this type of braid is that it promotes diverse hairstyles.

With this braid, there are many options to shake up your hairdo despite one weaving pattern. You can go with a very long and loose braid for those with longer hair who want it away from their face, or perhaps a Crown with a twist style for those who’d like a messy yet classy look.

This one bone braid idea is one that looks simple and casual, but also elegant and refined. If your hair is long and thick, this is definitely a must-try! All you have to do is loosely gather your hair to the center, fish bone braid it until the end, and secure your hair. Pull at the individual strands you want loose and voila, gorgeous hair!

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Another idea is one for the history books. It is an iconic hairstyle that screams casual, quick, and easy. This is the half-up fish bone style that has a lot of women looking classy even with jeans on – a long-time dilemma for almost all women. It’s also a go-to hairstyle that anyone with long hair can wear both to the office until later in the night when they want a fancy dinner.

Now, if you want a more sophisticated look that functions almost as well as a tight ponytail, you’d definitely need the Crown with a twist style. This is the Queen of all crown-inspired up-dos that have a hint of mess. If you want a quick, easy, yet elegant-looking hairstyle for your next camping trip, definitely check this lovely one out.

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Another strength of the fish bone braids is the fact that it’s creates breathtaking patterns on different colored hair. The unique blend of both roots and dyed hair make it a hairstyle to die for! The main style of hair used for the color showcase is a fun messy fish bone braid that runs along the side of your hair, accompanied by another fish bone braid bun.

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Always remember that any style can always be accentuated by exciting accent pieces like a decorative clip, flowers, or different jewels.

How to make fish bone braids (step by step)

The principles of weaving a fish bone braid don’t differ so much from a fishtail one. At first, it may look complicated. But actually, it needs little to no effort since it only uses two strands and takes up a short amount of time. One pro tip to make this hairstyle easier is that it must be braided on clean, dry hair – or slightly damp if it doesn’t cooperate.


First things first, gather the tools needed to create a stunning fish bone braid. You will need a brush, comb, elastic band or any other band available, and lots of bobby pins – just in case. All of these tools will help you achieve the look much easier and more concise than simply using your fingers.

Procedure to make a fish bone braid

  1. Comb your hair for a few minutes until all strands are smoothed out and even.
  2. Select a triangular strand in the parietal area of your head and divide it into three equal parts
  3. Weave the strands you’re holding together with the three-strand classic braiding method once, then you will be left with two strands (with two combining in the right hand, and a remaining strand on the left)
  4. To make sure the braid is neat and the pattern visible, make sure to select same-sized strands while working (preferably 0.5 inches)
  5. Separate a thin strand from the wider strands and tuck it inside the original weave, while bringing it to the left side and connecting it
  6. Similarly, separate another thin strand from the left hand, tuck it inward then connect it to the right side
  7. Continue this process until you reach your desired length for the weave
  8. Leave about an inch from the end and secure the weave with an elastic band, as tight as you want it
  9. If you want extra security for the strand or strands, you can secure these with a bobby pin
  10. Adjust the style by pulling on the strands if you want more volume or a messy look. If your hair is thin, do not pull out the strands too far
  11. Secure the entire hairstyle with hair spray and a few more bobby pins for added security
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