How to Do Sunflower Hair Color + Ideas

Roses are red, violets are blue. If you were to choose a flower for beauty, then sunflower’s best for you!

Girls like experimenting with their hair. One is coloring them with an inspiration of some objects. You may color your hair like your country flag, a flower, or anything else. And if you want a multi-color, hair color with a particular flower petals shade may be the best.

Since everyone’s been going crazily bored during lockdowns, people have been coming up with weird ideas to the next level. Especially now that it’s summertime, we all want to go out and feel the sun. So, to keep the summer hype up, try pulling out this fun yet beautiful hair color trend with the most iconic flower of the season, the sunflower.

Sunflower Hair Color
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Known for standing tall and following the sun, it’s like seeing the bright side of things. Imagine that beautiful array of colors seen in a field of sunflowers with dark brown roots that resemble a sunflowers core, transitioning to hues of red, orange, and yellow like the petals. This could also be possible for your hair, with some variations incorporating shades of green to imitate the stem and leaves. And like the flower itself, the hues involved can be improved and made unique for your mane!

How to Get A Sunflower Hair Color?

  • If you’re going to the salon, find first a sunflower hair picture you’d want your stylist to copy. Try to think about the tones you want in your hair, then look for a photo that matches them. As we said, the color is customizable! You can get your ideas from Instagram or Pinterest.
  • If you want to temporarily achieve a sunflower hair color at home, consider using a temporary hair color spray or hair makeup that washes off in one shampoo. Beginning with a dark brunette base, paint strands of red at three inches from your roots. As you arrive at your ear, change to an orange tone, then at the lower part of your ear, shade the remaining part a radiant yellow. The result would be so sunny!
  1. If you are still at home and want to make it more permanent, you may start by choosing colors from a renowned brand like L’Oreal Paris, Adore, or another one. But make sure you have an assistant to help you with the remaining steps below.
  2. For black or dark hairs, you need to bleach them first to achieve a blonde or lighter color. The light golden blonde, light ash blonde, and light platinum blonde are more preferable for painting your sunflower hair. But, caramel, dark brown, and toffee are also perfect for sunflower hair color.
  3. Now for the color formula, mix the colors according to the manual’s suggestions. You may need many shades of a single paint in the mixture as listed below:
    1. Orange+ Cute Coral+ Neon Orange mixture for the top-level hair near the scalp.
    2. Yellow+ Clear (Transparent) + Neon Yellow to create the bright yellow petal or fire hair color.
    3. Blissful+ Neon Blue or you can use green shades too for the lower part of your hair.
  4. Remember to keep the different paints in separate containers to avoid mixing unnecessary colors. Also, keep different colored hair sections separate by using foil or cellophane. After the coloring process, you’re not supposed to use a hair cap while waiting for the suggested time to rinse.
  5. For long-lasting and well-set hair color, you have to wash your hair with color-protecting shampoo while rinsing the paint. You can also apply a conditioner with half the amount of the shampoo. This will help you to have silky hair and prevents damage due to hair dye. I also advise you to wash your hair in COLD water, no more than twice a week, and use a dry shampoo in between regular shampooing.
  6. After you use the special shampoo and rinsing your hair, tell your assistant to blow dry your hair so that it sets well.
  • If you haven’t bought any coloring cream, you may create a natural hair dye at home. Although it’s time-consuming, this does not have chemicals that can cause hair damage. Using a natural element in hair color have carotenes and antioxidants that make your hair smooth. You may take fruits, carrots, or green vegetables to have a natural hair dye. The primary color you need to create is yellow, orange, and green. But sad to say you can’t make brown hair dye with a natural source.

Sunflower Hair Color Ideas

yellow Sunflower Hair Color
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fire sunflower hair
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blendedhair sunflower
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Pro Tips to Maintain Sunflower Hair Color

In case you didn’t know, heat exposure can make your hair color fade. This goes for both sun exposure and the utilization of hot instruments. To keep this from occurring, make sure to apply a heat protectant, similar to the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray, before styling your locks. Then again, consider trading your hot devices for a heat-free styling choice, for example, a wave spray. Just spritz the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle AIR DRY IT Wave Swept Spray onto towel-dried hair, braid them, at that point permit your hair to air dry. When your hair is dry, untangle the braid to achieve easy, loose waves!

Eventual touch-ups are also unavoidable for colored hairs. While this tone is moderately low-maintenance in the root section, you’ll need to invigorate your color consistently to keep it lively and try not to have faded, dull strands.

All things considered, coloring your hair as a sunflower is best to get it done in Summer. This is because its brilliant colors suit well in the sunny season and you may sparkle with your hair on a bright day. But this hair color is also good for any season if you want to keep that lively aura. You can be the sun that brought colors in the winter or better in a lockdown. Pair this outstanding hair color with red lipstick and minimal eye makeup. And voila, you’re as radiant as a beautiful sunflower any day!

Cool coloring ideas

Fantastic ombré

Fantastic ombré
Photo from @tawni.cosmo

Sunflowers are one of the most iconic summer flowers. They are bright, cheerful and perfect for adding color to your hair. If you are looking for sunflower hair coloring ideas, pay attention to the ombré technique. It gives an incredible result of imitating sunflower colors.

This type of ombré will look good on medium-length hair and on long hair. Here it is absolutely not important whether your hair is thick or thin, because this coloring will give them a volume.

Light colors

Light colors
Photo from @sophiaknoppehair

If you want a less bright sunflower coloring, choose lighter colors. For example, warm light shades that gradually transition to dark and orange hair color. This option is good for quickly coloring your strands and helps you not stand out from the crowd too much.

Selected strands

Selected strands
Photo from @whitley.carbonsalo

One of the most appropriate and sought-after stains is selective staining. That is, you choose which strands you want to dye in this or that color. For example, the strands near the face are highlighted in yellow, and a couple of strands closer to the back of the head in orange. At the same time, the top and the main hair color remain dark.

After all, dark with orange and yellow gives such a beautiful sunflower tone, which looks very beautiful from the outside. The coloring doesn’t take long and is good for different lengths of hair.

More Yellow

More Yellow
Photo from @maddhairs

You can also add a little more yellow to your dark hair. In this case you need to make it not right from the roots, but below. The roots are then left in their native dark color, and the rest of the hair is dyed yellow. Here you can do without the orange color, because yellow and dark will perfectly produce the impression of a sunflower flower.

Trendy bob

Trendy bob
Photo from @lofusco

If you choose this type of haircut and dye your hair in sunflower colors, you will get an incredibly stylish look. The main thing is to choose the right shade and not to go overboard with the color. Therefore, it is always worth making a preliminary consultation with the master in the salon, so that he will give accurate recommendations for coloring.

Straight and flat hair

Straight and flat hair
Photo from @dogobees_hair

Sunflower hair dyeing for straight and straight hair is a great option. The strands are dyed in a bright or lighter color, while the top part remains dark. It can be orange-red (combined with brown), red (combined with black) or even yellow (combined with its natural color). Any of these options will look great, even on lighter hair.

For asymmetrical styles

For asymmetrical styles
Photo from @kyrablaze

Sunflower hair dyeing is also great for asymmetrical haircuts. In this case, you can dye the entire head in one color or choose different colors for different parts of your hair. This will give an incredibly stylish and trendy look. Asymmetry and bright sunflower tones are a perfect combination!

Incredible colors

Incredible colors
Photo from @careyx.tarothair

For those who choose extraordinary sunflower hair coloring, pay attention to incredible colors. For example, light yellow with dark orange or bright red combined with deep brown will give a very beautiful effect and will look incredibly stylish! Of course, such color combinations will not suit those who do not like to stand out from the crowd and want to be invisible.

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