How to Dye Asian Hair Blonde?

This article is all about hair dye for Asians. We’ll talk about how to find the right hair dye, what you need to know before you do anything, and what products work best. If you’re looking for a way to go blonde that doesn’t involve spending hours in front of the mirror trying to bleach your own roots, then this is it!

Why is it so hard to dye Asian hair blond?

The fact is that Asian hair is very dense, gutty and very hard to recolor in a light color. Asian women want to dye their hair because they want to be different from others. After all, Asians mostly have dark hair, so the question of how to change their appearance becomes acute.

Why is it so hard to dye Asian hair blond?
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Especially Asian hair is very long, which will require more lightening agent.

If you take apart the structure of Asian hair, it will go through several stages of bleaching. First it will be brown, red, orange, yellow and pale yellow. This is where the red stage is where the most problems begin, as it is very hard to get out. That’s why most often you get not a light color, but a copper color.

Why is it so hard to dye Asian hair blond?
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How to choose a shade of blonde

How to choose a shade of blonde
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When choosing a shade of blond, it is important to consider the desired result. Experts recommend choosing your future blonde color based on your eye color. For example, for blue and green eyes, a cool platinum color is best. But for brown and black eyes, it is better to choose a warm blonde.

Dyeing process

What you need

  1. To paint at home or in the salon you will need:
  2. A few hair clips (as many as you can get)
  3. Bleaching powder (comes in different colors, but the color doesn’t matter).
  4. Plastic bowls (you’ll need at least two)
  5. blonde tinting paint depending on your preference;
  6. Gloves;
  7. A hair dye brush;
  8. Foil.

Bleaching step

Bleaching step
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The bleaching process is the same for all hair colors. It is important to follow the instructions on the package, but here are the general steps. But for Asian, it is important to keep in mind that bleaching must be done in two steps, with two weeks apart.

  • – Divide the hair into four or more sections;
  • – Use clips to secure each part of the hair separately so that they do not get in the way;
  • – Mix the bleach powder with the developer. It is important to do everything according to the instructions.
  • – Apply an oily cream to your face so as not to stain your skin;
  • – Then apply the bleaching agent to the entire hair, dyeing each area in turn.

Toning step

Toning step
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After bleaching, it is necessary to tone the hair. The color is applied in the same way as for blonding – from roots to ends. You can also highlight your hair with this shade by applying it only along the parting. For Asian hair, it is important to apply the dye and then curl the strands of hair and hide them in foil. The foil will create extra heat, and the dye will lay better on the hair. . The toner should be held for a period of time based on the instructions for it. Approximate time is about 40-50 minutes.

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