Neon peach hair

Summer is right around the corner for most parts of the world. Some areas have even already felt the heat wave. Hopefully your hair doesn’t have to go through a lot of heat as well. All it needs is one gorgeous glow up that will light up in the dark. Now when I say glow up, I mean that literally. Here I’ll be talking about one of the most ambitious yet stunning hair dye colors ever to have been created. If you’re bored of buying the same hair dye color almost every single time you go out, might I suggest a totally brand new one known as the neon peach color.

Features peach gradient

Neon peach hair
Photo from @reannahairstylist

Originally, this was made popular by Jessica Jewel, a hairstylist from Los Angeles. When she posted the absolutely breathtaking pic of her and her new creation, over 20,000 people went over to like it! Now it has become a worldwide sensation with many styles and looks! All you need is a combination of a hot pink shade called Candy and an iconic new electric orange color known as Lava. This is a mixture of two bright colors that will certainly brighten up your face and the room you stay in.

Neon peach hair
Photo from @thejesjewel

One of the most popular styles for this hair color is the bright light pink colors with some magenta undertones closer to the roots. Some women usually pair this hair with a wavy, half-up do secured with a cute clip. This shows the gorgeous contrast between bright neon strokes, and the darker, more magenta undercoat.

Short bob with a gradient from black to neon peach

Neon peach hair
Photo from @mikaylabstaton

Another hairstyle, and the complete opposite is a short bob with a gradient from black to neon peach. The roots are either a black or dark brown color and fade out into the gorgeous neon peach color we now know and love. It’s good for long hair, but when put on short, straight bobs, the contrast is more evident. Although it’s a lovely style and good for any day, it doesn’t really beat having a full head of the neon peach color. Nonetheless, it’s a gorgeous style that’s good for the short-haired ladies that want a simple yet daring look.

Neon peach hair
Photo from @halfpintpeyton

Gradient pixie

Neon peach air
Photo from @jessiegpaintshair

For an even shorter look for those jaw-dropping, fresh looks, we have the light, wavy pixie cut. It’s your standard pixie cut but with an out-of-this-world flair to it. It definitely frames the face much more differently than any other pixie cut colors. Usually though, the amount of neon needed for this look to really make it pop should be much more than normal. For this pixie cut to be the dream cut for everyone in much need for that short, summer vibe, then you have to turn up the neon factor ten-fold. You might even look like a star by the time you’re done. It’s all worth it though, because the color should definitely make up for the length!

Neon peach hair
Photo from @serenalovesroses
Neon peach hair
Photo from @hairdesignbyjanine
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