Pincurl updos – cool styling for any event

Pincurls are one of the most popular updos, and there are so many ways to create them. This blog post will give you some great examples of how to use pincurls for modern volume!

Pincurls – low bundle

Pincurls - low bundle
Photo from @forever_bridal_boutique

Pincurls in the form of a low bundle would be the perfect choice for every day, or for a romantic date. This hairstyle can easily be done at home with a standard curling iron. Start curling at the back of the head and then gently gather them into a low bun. Be sure to spritz your hair with a fixing varnish to make it last longer.

Pincurls – high volume

Pincurls - high volume
Photo from @beautie_by_emilie

A hairstyle with a lot of curls is great for an evening look. It is also quite easy to achieve, you just need some big curling tongs and start from the roots until you reach the middle part of the hair. Then curl it back and secure it with bobby pins. This way you get voluminous pincurls .

Pincurls – high hairstyle

Pincurls - high hairstyle
Photo from @anointedtouchhair

Tweezers are also a great addition to tall hairstyles. They will give you the volume and texture you need for styling, so they are perfect if you want to achieve an elegant look. It is very important not only to curl your hair, but also to use a fixing spray or gel on the bottom of your hair. See what a great result this gives!

Pincurls – cartoon look

Pincurls - cartoon look
Photo from @whipdathair

If you’re looking for a fun and playful look, try using tongs to create big waves. This is perfect for a fun photo shoot, as you will look like a cartoon character. This hairstyle is not suitable for every day, because it will look inappropriate.

Pincurls – full head

Pincurls - full head
Photo from @lauren_birch_hairst

This hairstyle is perfect for a special event such as a prom or a wedding because it looks very elegant and gorgeous. To create this hairstyle, you will need curling tongs to curl the entire length of your hair, from the roots to the ends. You can wear this hairstyle in different ways: leave it as it is with curls, or detangle it after a while and get incredible soft volume.

Pincurls – bridal version

Pincurls - bridal version
Photo from @ari_styles06

A bridal version of this hairstyle is also a great choice if you want to look amazing. In order to achieve it, curl the bottom part of your hair with curling tongs and secure them in an updo after a while. Use bobby pins or grips to make sure all curls stay in place for as long as possible!

Pincurls – large pincurls

Pincurls - Large Pincurls
Photo from @beautyandpinups

Using tongs to create your hair is a great idea. You can also use them to create big waves that will make you look great at any event. If you have long hair, this hairstyle is perfect for you! To make it, curl your hair all over your head with curling tongs and then secure each curl on top of your head.

Coloured pincurls

Coloured Pincurls
Photo from @_luxebeautique_

If you want to look modern and unique, colored pinschers may be the best choice for you. There are so many colors to choose from! Creating this hairstyle is easy – just curl your hair with tongs all the way through or where you want it, then apply a little fixing spray to each curl. Just one rule – the hair must be two colors to get an interesting and cool result.

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