Sandy brown hair ideas

One of the most common colors that a lot of women have had for many years is a beautiful brown. To the surprise of many, there are lots of shades of brown that have become famous over the years. We’ve seen brunettes, dark browns going to black, and even some that have a tinge of gold, almost blonde.

Sandy brown hair ideas
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There are lighter hues of brown that can be described either as ash, caramel, honey, or a golden color. Most of the time, light brown-haired people have a mix of these many different browns. They can get these different brown hues enhanced by seeing an expert or doing a few experiments on themselves with a home hairstyling kit. There’s one hue, though, that isn’t as recognized as others.

This is the sandy brown hair color that has gained recognition just recently.

Sandy brown hair is a great choice

Sandy brown hair is a gorgeous light brown color that is a cross between dark brown and blonde hair. Usually, the people that get this color have medium brown as the dominant color, with a few highlights that diffuse the darker tones of the brown. But others get a pure light brown color with no gradient.

Sandy brown hair ideas
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Sandy brown hair ideas
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Рopular hair color Cara Delovin

One of the most famous people with this hair color is the illustrious Cara Delevigne who has made this her staple color. Many people have copied the hues on her hair and styled themselves the way she does. I know I have. All you have to do is straighten your hair after getting the shade and parting it in the middle. For a little bit of spice though, you can definitely side-part it to get the full Delevigne experience.

Sandy brown hair ideas
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Sandy brown hair ideas
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Although sandy brown hair isn’t technically blonde, it is often considered dark blonde. This becomes truer for the people who spend their time under harsh lights that turn their hair a bit lighter. These people are usually under the sun most of the time or sometimes even studio lights. For the most part though, there isn’t much of a difference between the two shades.

For dark hair

For those of you who have darker hair that want it a bit lighter, the best way to do this is to gradually add lighter streaks. Just keep adding these lighter parts until the color is the most flattering to your skin tone. Sandy brown is better for cooler undertones, although if you have warmer tones, you can definitely still try to make this work. Still, having this gradient is one of the best styles for the sandy brown hue.

Sandy brown hair ideas
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Since it’s a common conception that brunettes love their dark hair, it’s no secret that they wouldn’t want to completely change everything in one go. So if you’re a brunette, I completely understand wanting the change but not too drastically. Just remember to have sections around your face lightened with sandy brown hues so that your face will be the star of the show.

Sandy brown hair ideas
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