Stages of lightening dark hair – secrets and tips

It’s no secret that a lot of women want to go blonde, but not everyone is born with light hair. If you’re looking to bleach your dark locks, there are a few things you need to know before you start. In this blog post, we will discuss the steps involved in bleaching dark hair, as well as some tips to make the process easier and more successful. Let’s get started!

Secrets of lightening dark hair

Secrets of lightening dark hair
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If you want to go blonde but don’t know where to start, this blog article is for you. But it is worth understanding that the highest lightening up to 7 tones can severely damage the hair, so the masters recommend to make it in stages. It is also important to carry out bleaching not at home, but by a professional master in a salon. After all, he will use professional cosmetics, which will give a good result and will cause minimal damage to the hair.

Steps to lighten dark hair

Powder bleach

Powder bleach
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The first step is to apply a powdered bleach to your hair. This will help remove the natural pigment from the hair and make it lighter. The master mixes the powder bleach with the developer, which varies in the percentage of the special composition that affects the degree of lightening of the hair. Powder is considered one of the best tools for lightening dark hair.


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After lightening your hair with a powder brightener it becomes dry and brittle, so you need to treat it with a toner. The main purpose of toning is to give your hair the desired shade, as well as to make it healthier and well-groomed. Toning can be done in two ways:

  • – With a shampoo;
  • – With the help of a tinting dye.

If you color your hair with a toning shampoo, the effect will be weak, in addition, this color will wash out very quickly. This method is recommended after dyeing, to maintain the color between the procedures of full hair dyeing.

Care – aloe vera

Care - aloe vera
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After all the procedures, your hair will become very dry and brittle, so it needs special care. To do this, you can use different oils or balms. And one of the most effective folk remedies is aloe vera. This plant not only moisturizes and nourishes the hair, but also has a therapeutic effect. But you do not have to look for natural aloe vera, as you can find a lot of products with aloe vera in specialty stores of cosmetics.

Steps to lighten dark hair

Steps to lighten dark hair
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7 degrees of brightening of dark strands

In total, there are seven stages of hair lightening, where each differs in its degree of lightening:

  1. Dark brown shade;
  2. A light brown shade;
  3. Pale brown shade;
  4. Light blonde shade;
  5. Natural Blonde Shade;
  6. Platinum Blonde shade;
  7. Pure white color.

Safety of lightening dark strands in stages

Safety of lightening dark strands in stages
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One of the main questions people have when they think about bleaching dark hair is whether it’s safe. The good news is that if basic precautions are followed, step-by-step dark hair lightening is perfectly safe.

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