Wolf cut hairstyle

Without a shadow of doubt, the pandemic has been taking a toll on all of us hair enthusiasts. The usual monthly haircut has now become a haircut every six months. So, a lot of us have been getting our own pair of scissors and snipping away those strands that keep us from looking like our best selves.

It might be risky, but it does put a smile on our faces whenever it turns out right. If you’ve been wondering what haircut you’d like to try out for yourself the next time you want to spice up your look, I’d highly recommend the trendy wolf cut.

What is a wolf cut?

wolf hairstyle
Photo from @kiekami

This hairstyle blew up all over TikTok when a few videos came out showing how it looked easy yet resulted in such a gorgeous cut. Most TikTokers describe it as a hairstyle with “wavy, gradual layers, and choppy bangs that frame the face.”

It might be hard to imagine just with that description alone, so just think of a combination of a mullet and a shag cut but more suited to us Millennials and Gen Z. This whole look has become a fashion staple that gives off edgy energy coupled with a universal style that looks good on just about any face and hair length.

Although this hair style has only seen fame and fortune recently, it isn’t a completely new hairstyle. It’s actually been around for a few decades. The infamous shag cut was such a large phenomenon in the ‘70s with the mullet coming into traction during the 90s. Another two decades later, we now have our own version of the two iconic styles.

Wolf cut history and its rise in K-Beauty

Any avid K-beauty fan knows that Seoul is the hub of skin care and makeup innovation. They’ve created some of the most enduring styles of the past decade. One of these is the Layered Cut Perm or simply, “Ley Perm”. This is basically the hair permed with the loosest waves, then cut in layers that softly frame the face and neck. The hair touching the collar bone is the typical length of the “Ley Perm”, but it, of course, can vary from person to person.

For an edgier and more modern version of the look, most people request the now illustrious “wolf cut” which is named as such thanks to its wild waves and tough-looking style. This look boasts bangs cut at eyebrow length, then framed with layers that go around the face.

This now iconic look can be done on shorter hair with messier waves having lots of texture. The finished style is a shaggy lob that has thin, wispy bangs that fit snugly around the face.

The main goal of this beautiful cut is to make the statement that hair can be “effortless yet chic.” Judging by the style alone and how easily it can be replicated, it definitely is a trouble-free style and fashion-forward innovation.

Wolf cut styles

There aren’t many styles associated with the wolf cut since it is already a great hairstyle all on its own. The type of wolf cut and the styles that are available are usually tied to an area in the world. For example, the Korean wolf cut has a lighter look to it, making the hair look thinner, wavier, and much edgier. The wolf cut of America, or more generally the West, is more similar to a mullet that frames the face less than the Korean version.

Short Wolf Cut for a Rounder Face

short wolf cut
Photo from @issey_hairmake

Wolf cuts also vary in lengths, depending on what the person wants or what face shape they have. If you have a rounder face, I’d recommend getting a wolf cut style that’s a bit shorter and closer to your chin and collar bones. This makes sure your beautiful round face is framed in a way that won’t make your head look too big.

Long Wolf Cut for Oval Shaped Face

long wolf cut
Photo from @shunsuke_nagahata

If you have a more oval shaped face or a sharper chin, then longer wolf cuts are trendier. The layers would be more visible since your face might be small enough to put the emphasis on the layers and shag of the overall hair style. Nonetheless, if you are confident enough in your look, then the length shouldn’t matter at all! You do you, boo!

Just remember, you can still enjoy many other standard hair styles despite this very specific cut. Most people give this style a middle part and comb most of the hair to the back of the head. But, you can try on a gorgeous ponytail that’s wavy enough to look casual, yet stylish enough not to be boring. If you don’t feel like putting your hair up in a ponytail, you can always choose to have the classic half-up half-down style that looks as elegant as an intricately made bun.

wolf haircut
Photo from @uuxxoci2_5vivicha

How to cut your own wolf cut (DIY)

Just recently, in the past months, a lot of people all over social media have tried to recreate the wolf cut for themselves. Most of the time, they try to replicate the Korean wolf cut. This was a very popular trend across Chinese TikTok for some time and you can definitely find a lot of videos showing women trying to give themselves this stunning style. The steps are simple, straightforward, and almost completely up to luck.

  1. If your hair is unruly or too thick, you can choose to wet it first. If you’re satisfied with the state of your hair, just thoroughly comb and detangle it.
  2. Tie your hair in a ponytail starting from the nape of your neck to your forehead. Secure it well with an elastic band or any other hair tie.
  3. Once you decide on the length of the wolf cut, grab your sharpest pair of scissors
  4. Hold the ponytail steady in front of your face and start cutting in straight across
  5. Once the desired length is achieved and cut off, you can remove the hair tie
  6. Put the hair back in its original place and style it the way you want to
  7. Comb your hair thoroughly and check all sides of the cut
  8. If you are dissatisfied with the length or layering of the cut, you can repeat the above steps and cut away at any edges you don’t want
  9. Once you get the desired style, just comb once again and style any way you’d like!
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