How to write a good CV? A guide to help you find a job

Where do I start to write a good CV?

Without a well-written CV, it is difficult to expect to be invited to recruitment interviews. Fortunately, CV writing is governed by certain rules that will make the document easier to prepare, or you can always enlist the help of a professional CV writer.

How to write a perfect CV?

Where do you start, and what do you do to get ahead of other job applicants and get a job? The basis on which much depends is a well-written CV, which gives an initial impression of the candidate. A messy and sloppy application will disqualify you from the competition.

A CV – or curriculum vitae – is the main document we send when applying for a particular job offer. A CV allows a potential employer to get an initial impression of us. It lets them know about our qualifications and experience before they even decide to meet us. Remember that employers get a lot of CVs. So we should try to make yours interesting. It is important that the document is clearly divided into sections, headings, columns and bullets. This formula is important because it makes the CV readable. It is also worth using spacing and bold typeface, as this will help the person reading the CV to focus on the important information. Studies show that recruiters spend a few seconds reviewing documents. This form of document allows you to read all the most important information in a short amount of time.

The perfect CV – how do you stand out from other candidates?

A resume is a form of first contact with a potential boss. We should try to look our best, because our future depends on it. We should therefore take a few minutes to prepare the document correctly, according to the rules in force.

At the beginning you should explain who you are, your educational background and your current occupation (what position you hold). Don’t forget to briefly describe your most important experiences and successes and why we are interested in this particular proposal. This introduction – a kind of professional CV (profile) – allows the recruiter to assess whether we are the right person for the job. Many people forget this, and it’s the basis of a good, attention-grabbing resume. On the other hand, moderation should be maintained in this part of the document. Your CV should be no more than 3-4 sentences long. To make your resume interesting, don’t just write what everyone else is writing. You should do something to distinguish yourself: brag about your achievements or victories in competitions.

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