Choosing The Best Louis Vuitton Accessories [Necklaces, Earrings, and More!]

Among the most luxurious brands in the world, Louis Vuitton is pretty much one of the most successful names out there, and it’s no surprise considering that they produce such high-quality products made from careful craftsmanship and excellent design.

Ranging from bags, shoes, watches, and all kinds of accessories, Louis Vuitton, a French luxury brand, has been under the spotlight for many years. So, if you’re one of those wanting to buy their first Louis Vuitton product, or if you’re one of those who want to add more into your personal collection, you can find my favorites among Louis Vuitton’s array of accessories right here!

Louis Vuitton’s Hair Accessories

When planning out the outfit you’re wearing for the next day, never forget to take the hair accessories into consideration since they can automatically complete the look you’re aiming for. And remember: all of your accessories on your body must work together in complete harmony before you go strutting out your front door.

Monogram Gradient Scrunchy Trop Chou

We all love a good scrunchy since they are evidently more substantial than the average elastic hair ties. And to top that off, it can ideally hold the thickest of hairs. And, what’s better than a basic scrunchy? A Louis Vuitton scrunchy, of course.

This accessory is made out of 100% silk, and this was also made to match the company’s Gradient theme. And as you can see, we have this gradient style going on; the color is bright, vivid, and perfect to match your everyday look.

Louis Vuitton Hair Cubes

A hair accessory like this is for those who want a functional yet straightforward elastic hair tie. You can choose many designs, like the Gold Black Resin or the Clear Neon Green look. However, this hair accessory has unfortunately been discontinued in the Louis Vuitton production.

Still, countless other platforms are selling these products for a lower price, too, so you better look out for those!

Nanogram Barrette

Besides holding your precious hair in place, this product from Louis Vuitton can complete your outfit even in the simplest of ways. As a final touch, the Nanogram Barrette will do just the right amount of bedazzling due to its new oversize shape— in fact, this design is the largest of its kind from Louis Vuitton.

With its gold-color hardware and engraved monogram pattern, this hair accessory can give you the stylish yet elegant look that you’re aiming for.

Louis Vuitton Necklaces

When picking out the perfect necklace, there are many things to consider, like the size of your neck and, believe it or not, your height! Some say that those who are under 5’4 feet must choose necklaces that are 16 to 20 inches, while those above that height can basically choose whatever they prefer.

LV Volt Curb Chain Necklace

This necklace is for those aiming for a classy and flashy look. With the 18-karat yellow gold, you will surely stand out in a crowd because of this jewelry resting upon your neck.

Of course, for a piece of jewelry that’s as elegant and eye-catching as this, it comes with a whopping price of $25,600 and yes, that’s a lot of money. 

Silver Lockit Pendant

In contrast to the LV Volt Curb Chain Necklace, the flashiness has toned down quite slightly, as you can see with this simple sterling silver necklace. Also, when buying this jewelry, you are not just treating yourself, but also others since for each sale, $200 will be donated to UNICEF to help the children in vulnerable situations all over the world.

LV Volt Upside Down Pendant

Another piece of jewelry from the LV Volt collection is this Upside Down Pendant. The design is a combination of the Louis Vuitton initials, crafted from 18-karat white gold, followed by 107 sparkling diamonds, which can stand out beautifully against your skin.

Louis Vuitton Earrings

Picking a pair of earrings out of the rack is one way to do it, but the best way to choose the perfect earring is to consider your face shape, your hair color, hair length, skin tone, and an earring that you genuinely like and suits your taste is also an essential factor.

Color Blossom BB Star Ear Studs

This 18-karat yellow gold with a diamond on each side is elegantly designed to completely change your image whether you are wearing it day or night.

Idylle Blossom Hoops

Who doesn’t love good hoop earrings? — The Idylle Blossom Hoops is a modern way to wear diamonds. And also, if Yellow gold is not your color, Louis Vuitton offers the same design but Pink Gold.

Idylle Blossom Mono Chain Earrings

Speaking of Rose Gold, one of my favorite accessories from Louis Vuitton is this Mono Chain Earrings.

Cast from 18-karat pink gold and encrusted with diamond pavé, this flashy yet classy-looking earring will bring out the best of my outfit, especially when paired with other Louis Vuitton accessories like that Curb Chain Necklace.

Louis Vuitton Bracelet

Of course, when choosing a bracelet, you must first consider the size of your wrist— do you want it tight against your skin? Or do you want it loose and comfortable? Also, think about the occasion you’re planning to wear, is it something casual? Formal? Or just an everyday look?

Well, if you got that all figured out already, you can now choose from the three Louis Vuitton Bracelets I chose down below!

LV Volt Upside Down Bracelet

Fitting to the LV Volt collection concept, this bracelet is sporting the Louis Vuitton initials— and some note out that it looks like a pulse— and with this simple yet sophisticated jewelry, you can rarely go wrong.

Also, the LV Volt Upside Down Bracelet is a piece of 18-karat yellow gold jewelry that offers various sizes ranging from 15 centimeters to 20 centimeters.

Color Blossom BB Multi-Motif Bracelet

If a vibrant green is your kind of color, this bracelet from the Color Blossom fine jewelry collection is for you!

Made out of high-quality gold and natural gemstones, this multi-motif bracelet includes Louis Vuitton’s iconic Sun and Star designs, hand-polished green malachite, and 3 shiny round diamonds, all settled on an 18-karat pink-gold chain.

Empreinte Bangle

This jewelry is definitely eye-catching thanks to its 18-carat white gold, which is fully paved with impressive diamonds. And, of course, the iconic Louis Vuitton initials right on the front give off that sophisticated and expensive look.

Louis Vuitton Belt

Let’s be honest, belts are fashionable accessories that can make a whole outfit totally right or totally wrong. Tip: Your belt size should be 1 or 2 inches longer than the size of your pants waist for more allowance or comfort.

LV Initiales 30MM Reversible

This grained calf leather belt is a refined version of the iconic Louis Vuitton Initiales. It is reversible, and both sides can still effectively provide a sophisticated look to your everyday outfit.

Dauphine 35MM Reversible Belt

Similar to the LV Initiales mentioned before, this Dauphine Reversible Belt is crafted from supple calf leather on one side and the iconic Monogram canvas on the other. However, the critical point to this accessory is the oversized gold-color hardware Louis Vuitton initials as the centerpiece.

Metropole 35MM

If you’re looking for a belt that can match any occasion, this one’s for you. Also, unlike the large and eye-catching gold LV initials in the Dauphine belt, this one is more lowkey, but it still has that splash of sophistication with it.

Louis Vuitton Scarf

Is the winter season coming, and you want to warm yourself up a notch? Well, Louis Vuitton’s scarf collection may be the right one for you since they offer such soft, thick, and fluffy scarves that bring comfort during cold days.

Also, a scarf isn’t only there to keep you cozy; it’s also there to complete your outfit, of course.

Warm Me Up Scarf

When it comes to warming you up and still keeping it fashionable, this Louis Vuitton scarf is the perfect accessory to use. It is made from a wool and cashmere blend, plus highlighted with metallic Lurex threads for an extra splash of dazzle.

Monogram Gradient Fur Scarf

Now, this type of scarf is when you’re facing a blizzard, but the way you’re facing the blizzard is the fashionable way. This Monogram Gradient Fur Scarf is made of the finest mink fur, and it is also lined with pure silk for a more comfortable touch.

Since 1854 Scarf

Made out of 50% wool and 50% cashmere, this gray scarf with a monogram flower pattern was designed and named to pay homage to the House’s heritage.

Louis Vuitton Airpod Case 

Dog Earpods Case

Now, this casing is for those music lovers who at the same time love dogs. Also, this casing was explicitly made for the AirPods Pro, so don’t go buying without making sure this will fit your first-gen AirPods. Also, the cute dog design is not the only option you can choose from— Louis Vuitton also has Cow and Cat Earpods Cases that are worth checking out.

Earphone Trunk

If you constantly lose your AirPods, this earphone trunk might be your perfect and fancy solution. Crafted from the standard Monogram canvas, calf leather, and polished hardware, this will fashionably hold your AirPods for you.

Dauphine Micro Bag for Earphones

If you were slightly disappointed with how the Earphone Trunk can only hold the first-generation AirPods, well, now you don’t have to since this Dauphine Micro Bag was designed to accommodate your Airpods Pro. And the only significant difference is how it was intended— it has the standard monogram canvas, gold-color hardware, and microfiber lining. Plus, this case has a magnetic closure to always keep your AirPods snuggled in and secure.

Louis Vuitton Phone Case

iPhone 12 Pro Max Bumper

Function and fashion together are a superb combination, and this casing is a proof. Made from Damier Graphite canvas and calf leather, plus the cute little pocket at the back is the perfect combination for protection and style all in one.

Bumper Dauphine iPhone 12/12 Pro

If you have things slipping out of your hand here and there for no apparent reason like me, this iPhone 12 or 12 Pro casing will definitely solve our problem.

Thanks to the fashionable strap with the gold-tone Louis Vuitton initials plastered on it, visits to the repair shop will cease since it functions as a handle.           

iPhone 11 Folio

If you’re one of those who prefer phone cases that you can open up like a wallet, Louis Vuitton got you covered with this iPhone 11 Folio casing.

Made from black leather and the usual monogram eclipse canvas, this case can open up and store three or more of your cards, money, or receipts thanks to its in-built card slots.

There you have it! I’ve gathered Louis Vuitton’s accessories ranging from phone cases to belts and to earrings, and I hope I’ve helped you in picking out an addition to your collection!

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